Perhaps you may not care if


Perhaps you may not care if people like your dog or not but you might be concerned when those people who’s opinion’s you don’t care about decide to ban together to get a breed ban passed so you will not be able to legally have your dog living in that area.  Just this week a small town in Louisiana passed a breed ban based on the fact that one of the city council members had walked through a neighborhood and a pit bull, or at least a dog he perceived as a pit bull, had ‘scared’ him behaving in a manner that made him feel threatened.  Yes it is that easy for them to pass a breed ban and that ban is there just because one person fears and dislikes pit bulls.

Unfortunately some people will see a picture of a pit bull smiling and fear that dog.

All I know is that I will never give up my pit bull and I am not ready to move if a breed ban should happen so I am working diligently to try to change how other people see my pit bull…I guess you could say I am working very hard to help people ‘like’ my dog and all the dogs that look like him…

People fear what they don’t understand or know.  The more people ‘like’ my dog the less people will support a breed ban.