Perhaps the britty was the

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Perhaps the britty was the alpha she needs.  APBT need stong discipline and structure from us as their alpha leaders.  This is tough for most to enact, although we THINK we are filling the role, often enough we fall far short.  What you need to do is provide this role that the brit has provided.  The britty is a bitch, and has strong personality, has more dominant traits and pack leader traits while your pit…imassuming whom is altered has a more submissive tendancy.  Its not just exercise…as an avid dog-loving, and marathon and distance-runner, i have grown learn a few things.  Pits have an innate need for more HUMAN INTERACTION, DOG/CROSS-SPECIECES SOCIALIZIATION, and MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE CONSITANT TRAINING….cant say it enough…TRAINING/SOCIALIZATION/TRAINING/SOCIALZIATION…AND PUBLIC AWARENESS…

BEST wishest..and keep us posted…