Our routine goes a little


Our routine goes a little something like this:

Get up around 5am and I take Kayla out for a run/walk for about an hour. Come home, and husband has left for work already and I get ready for work. Kayla either naps or we play ball inside the house while I get ready. She may run around and play with all her toys (2 HUGE wicker baskets full) on her own.

Around 8am, I take her out to potty one last time before I leave for work. Main TV is turned on and radio on at other end of house for some noise. She gets a few snacks as I am leaving, and then I go to work.

Husband comes home before I do (usually) and he lets her out to potty and play. I come home, and we play more. We all eat dinner around 6pm, and from there it is whatever the evening brings. Weather depending, we all go for a run or walk, or take her rollerblading. We play ball or tag in the yard. If the weather is crummy, we will go to pet stores, just to break the boredom. We are getting a treadmill soon, so Kayla and I can run in the house and not have to worry about the weather.

Other really bad weather days, Kayla goes to doggie daycare. Right now, temps are in the lower teens with windchills in the single digits, so there isn’t a lot of outside time. No morning walks, though we try to go for a 30-45 minute run in the evening while it is still “warm”.