ooo…i just got my lab/pit


ooo…i just got my lab/pit mix and we start basic obedience in January. his brother is going too. its the best thing for the both of them. the one we are going to is really not that expensive. i looked around a while before choosing them too. BOTH my dogs are very high energy, as most pits are. basic obedience will give them a boundary that you can control. the new dog we got, Bruce, is a nipper…he likes his toys, but he like to play rough too. he jumps a lot and gets overly excited. sucks sometimes because we want to play but not with him trying to tackle us. we end up pushing him off us and walking away.what we have been trying to teach him is that the tug toys are for the rough stuff. and when he tries to jump, we take the toy away and walk away from him. its easier said then done, but we try different things. with us putting him in classes, we are going to try to focus his enthusiasm on something different. i would love to put him in agility events. he IS a good person-protector too. lol.