Okay, so, with the leash


Okay, so, with the leash biting/pulling, it’s a favorite pit thing. Kaos got into the same habit when the kids walked him.  I’ve had to work with both of the kids and Kaos to put a stop to it.  When Kaos tries to tug on the leash or gets too excited, I tell him no and choke up on the leash so he doesn’t have any to play with (I shorten the leash so I’m holding onto it just a few inches from his collar, with the rest gathered in my other hand.)  The important thing is not to stop and let them get away with it.  Keep walking and shorten up on the leash with a stern “NO!”  If the dog still tries to get a hold of the leash give a tug and a “NO,” then continue walking. Also, NEVER let you dog play tug-o-war with the leash!!! It’s not a toy and if you let them play with it they’ll think it’s okay to play this way on walks.  Verbally reward your dog when he or she walks quietly.  Also, just out of curiosity, does your dog behave this way without the harness?  To help your dog keep moving forward keep an upbeat pace and call to her to keep her interested. Treats are a good motivator.  As far as the pit and the shihzu, no, your dog’s not being agressive or bad, she’s just playing too rough.  Chances are her previous owner simply liked roughousing with her and she learned that rough play is ok.  If you consistantly discipline her as you have been and teach her that type of play is unacceptable in her new pack, she should calm down.  Kaos was the same when we brought another dog into our home.  Our new dog is 14 with arthritis and Kaos would jump on top of her.  It takes consistancy and patience, but it’s just a matter of convincing your girl that she is not to play so rough.  Other than that, respect the fact that there is a huge size difference and keep an eye on them when they play.  Good luck to all of us, indeed! 🙂