Okay so this was completely


Okay so this was completely my fault, but it didn’t make me happy that she did what she did LOL I had a half gallon jug of milk that was pretty much empty and passed its expiration date. Building up to the 4th of july neighborhood block party I was in and out of my house and in and out of my refrigerators, (they were back up storage for drinks and food), a lot in a rush each of the days. Instead of throwing the plastic jug in the trash which was closer I put it on the floor in the utility room. The jug bowed out and slightly cracked giving off a spoiled milk smell. You know dogs if it smells horrible they are all over it. Well I came home one day and in my bedroom she had torn the jug to shreds. My fault completely I’m grown and know to throw stuff away properly…. Still I wasn’t happy. I didn’t scold her though just realized I was the dummy.