Ok so my local Meijer store

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Ok so my local Meijer store had Kongs on sale buy one get one free. I bought two (one for each of my pits). I put treats in them and gave them each one. My female Kira has had one before and loves them and it keeps her busy for hours and she has never destroyed one. However my male Ace began his life in the Humane Society and had absolutly no clue what to do with it when I gav it to him. So the next day when I went to work I put treats in the Kongs and put them in their crates to keep them occupied. When I got home Ace decided that the hole in the bottom wasn’t big enough so he ate the Kong around the hole to make it bigger and got the treats out (shit head)!! I thought they weren’t suppose to be able to destroy them like that. He has to be the funniest dog I have ever had. I just laughed at him. So FYI Kongs can be completely destroyed in hours with a Pit