Oh my god that is so


Oh my god that is so pathetic. I can beleive some idoit would do that though. People are so stupid sometimes. I have some neighbors where I live that are so stupid and are scared to death of my two pits. I just laugh at them cause they are dumb about the breed. But you can’t teach old people anything. Also my cousin’s husband is a state tropper in ohio and he is scared of my two pits and forbids my cousin and my goddaughter who is 3yrs. to come to my house. My dogs love her and they would never hurt her but he is so afraid that they will turn on her which I know my dogs and they wouldn’t do that. He has 2 dogs that are Rott mixes and they have actually snaped and turned on her before but that was ok cause they weren’t pits. WHATEVER!!! All he does is harrass me about my dogs all the time. So even law enforcement officers are stupid! But a German Shepard that could also mangle you and hurt you is ok? Yeah common people!