Not to worry!  You’ll b full


Not to worry!  You’ll b full of stories before too long.  Kaos cracks me up. I wish I could post videos! I have a bunch on my phone.  He provides hours of entertainment and I dare say that he’s well entertained by us too.  He gets that look on his face like, “Mom, I’m not sure what you’re doing, but you look REDICULOUS doing it!”  Then we all laugh.  They are so funny and just a blast to be around.  They’re just so full of spunk and personality.  Plus, they really are just so much better when they’re feroucious.  Lol. The do all sorts of funny things, like run from Chihuahua’s and hide from the Jack Russel terriers.  Ha ha.  Kaos hid from two Jack Russels when they came out to maul him and Digs, our 15 year old golden retriever mix, on our walk last night.  He was hiding behind my legs when he realized “Grandma” was about to be eaten by these two little horrors.  He got brave, growled once, but ended up just inspecting Grandma for injuries (much to her irritation,) after we were out of harms way.