Not at all, this comment was


Not at all, this comment was purely sarcastic.  If you go back and read the posts in this thread you will see that all of our dogs are FAR from feriocious.  We just get a kick out of those times when our lap dogs try to protect us from bags of ice, baloons, holes, and all sorts of other possible assailants.  For instance, on our walk tonight, Kaos fended off a very menacing basketball hoop, and, just for good measure, peed on it to show it who was REALLY boss, before we continued our walk in peace.  I get a kick out of this thread because there is so much negativity that the owner of any pit deals with, it’s nice to have a place to laugh at the best side of our dogs.  If you have a pit, I’m sure you have some story about how he or she atempted to save you from the tipped over laundry basket or some other type of household or neighborhood fixture that certainly meant you harm!!!!  The laughs are never ending with these dogs.  We’re just sharing some of their brighter moments.