Not a problem!  Glad that I

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Not a problem!  Glad that I could give a bit of insight.  Don’t let me disuade you from getting a DNA test done if that is what you want to do.  They just aren’t all that accurate, but if you do a couple of them, you could see which breed is most common between the tests!  I am still tempted to have a few done on my girl, but at the same time, it just seems useless when the databases aren’t all that accurate at this time. 

Butch does look a bit like a Staffie, but his head isn’t as round as many of the Staffies that I have seen.  Then again, if he is a mix, then all the Staffie characteristics won’t be there 100%.  His size does sound like a Staffie though! 

He could also be what we call a “pocket pittie”.  There are some pits out there just do not seem to get much bigger than 40 pounds.  They are too adorable!  Of course with the mass breeding of pits and their cousins, it is pretty much an unknown what breeds are actually in our pups.  Not to mention the inbreeding that pits go through which causes all kinds of issues.

As long as you love Butch and he loves you back…all is good!  🙂