NO she will not turn on you!

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NO she will not turn on you! If she is the one that bit the lady it is because the lady got inbetween the fight. Dog fights happen, all we can do is try to control it. If you can afford the fines and the jail time, then Do what you must to save your dog. The animal control are saying that because in most states it is the law to put an animal to sleep that has bit a human or attacked another dog. This has nothing to do with you or your children. Pits are very loyal and although all dogs can turn, it does not mean that yours will. In the end it is your choice on what you will do with your dog. If you do not want to put her down, but want to get rid of her out of fear, then ask the animal control if you can take her to a no kill shelter or to a rescue, most of the time these places are happy to take in an animal than to let it die for stupidity.