No doubt the dog could be


No doubt the dog could be named after the ‘bad guys’ in an old television series but if we are going to ever help the general public see pit bulls in a different light we are going to have to stop naming them things like Kaos, no matter how innocent the reason, or any of the other ‘threatening’ sounding names or tough names or obnoxious names.  We have to be absolutely conscious of what sort of image the name and the behavior of our dog projects to people who have absolutely no knowledge of the reason behind the name.  Not preaching here just saying if we are going to get angry with others for hating and fearing our dogs we need to consider what we name them portrays to people and how we present them appears to people.  Spiked collars, big chains and the like portrays dogs as dangerous so we can’t show off our big tough looking dog and expect people to not be fearful of them and want to ban them.