My Wife and I bring our APBT


My Wife and I bring our APBT to the dog park almost every Saturday and love the comments we get from other dog owners about how gentle and well mannered she is. One of her playmates last week was a small white Westie. Still even though she’s well behaved, I can be found at her side supervising her play, unlike the other dog owners who are oblivious to what’s going on. I’ve had to referee their dogs a few times.

You say you didn’t come on here to disrespect anyone but your posts are quite vitriolic.

My Wife and I also have five cats that get along well with our Pit. She sleeps with them on a regular basis. Please see the pics in my profile.

She also seems to be quite fond of children in the park. They pet her and she licks them.

She walks freely around my office with about 20 other people at least twice a week with no problem and plenty of affection between her and my coworkers.

I’m not implying that every member of ANY breed is all good but they aren’t all bad either. Please do see the ATTS link someone posted earlier.

One thing I am conscious to not do is engage my dog in “tug-o-war” games or get her toys that encourage her to grab and shake them like prey. A lot of ANY dog’s behaviour has to do with training.

Finally, If you have a problem with a dog in your neighborhood, by all means call Animal Control. We cannot make a judgement call on how that animal is behaving as we do not own it. You need to alert the authorities if the animal is a threat.