My pitty hides her treats


My pitty hides her treats too.  We will give Bambi and Saphie (the Weimeriner) each a treat at the same time.  Bams immediatley precedes to the backyard, and comes back without her treat.  Then the two dogs both work on Saphie’s treat.  After, Saphie’s is gone Bams goes back outside and gets her treat and parades around with it in front of Saphie.  It drives Saph crazy, ha ha.

If I discipline Bams (scold her mainly for eating cat liter… gross).  She looks at me with the saddest expression on her face, and puts herself to bed.  I typically have to go in the room, and let her know I forgave her or she won’t come out the rest of the night.  Does anyone else pitbull do this?  It is so different from our Weimeriner, who if we discipline will try to sneak back in the room as if we forgot what she did.