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raisins mom

My pitmix who passed away earlier this year had horrible seperation anxiety. He chewed all my door james down to where the nails were sticking out. At the time I hated the idea of crateing my dog it was my boyfriend who finaly did it behind my back.

I had taken him to the vet and put him on medication for the anxiety and I saw no personality change in him. He just seemed less nervous when I left the house. Eventualy he became so adjusted to the crate I took him off the meds. I would just leave the door open and he would go in and out as he pleased while we were home. Some say a crate is not the answer to seperation anxiety, but luckily for me it worked out.

Since then we crate our shepherd and our pibble when we are not home. When we leave we say kennel and they run and will even push open the door. Then I take them each a couple doggy biscuits and walk out the door. I have had to leave my dog crated on some days for up to 10 hours (unfortunately being held over on unforseen mandatory interupts their day as well). I know sounds like an awful long time, but I noticed on the days I am off work they seem to sleep the same hours they would be crated. Each dog has a wire metal crate probly bigger then they need and I keep towels or dog bed in them. I also turnon the tv on for them when I go to work.
They seem to adjust just fine, esp if you are taking your dog out and excercising.

Amber I took away raisin’s bed too cuz he was pooping in his crate after being in it for a couple hours. Then would take his bed drag it on top and sleep on it. He thought he was hiding it! Umm he forgot it smelled I guess. So he got demoted to towels. Luckily he doesn’t chew them, its the only thing he doesn’t chew.