My pit recently got out the

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My pit recently got out the door when my boys opened it and attacked two dogs hurt them pretty bad, and the owner got bit of course because she stuck her hand in between three dogs fighting, dog warden said my pit is the one that did the biting but I don’t believe that one of her dogs was every pit the size of my pit but not sure the breed looked something like a husky they said it was a eskimo something..well anyways our pit is very good with our chihuhua we have (we have had them both since babies) and we now have a pit/boxer mix that she is good with and treats as if she is her baby. Dog warden is telling me I need to put her down cause “she WILL turn on my children” in my heart I don’t believe this she is very good with my boys (ages 6, 3 and 9 months) they had my talked into putting her down which I was gonna do tuesday but my husband and I have been crying so much I have decided I WILL NOT let them brainwash me into putting her down. Dog warden is telling me I could face, 500 in fines, 30 days in jail and two years community service, but if I put Kya to sleep all charges will be dropped, I feel like she is trying to scare me. Anyone have any advice? Again my pit is GREAT with our other dogs just does NOT do well with strange dogs. Does this mean she will harm my children? I DO NOT want to put my baby down I love her like a child, someone help please….