My pit is very curious and

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My pit is very curious and naturally anytime she encounters anything new I am with her.  I may be lucky but I have never noticed the “prey drive” with her.  More of a curiousity drive.  I owned a greyhound and I definitely saw the prey drive with it, rabbits were basically doomed if she could get to em.  My pitbull’s first encounter with a small dog was an italian grey hound.  You could tell she was like what the hell is this little thing yapping at me.  Soon she realized it was her new pet and they just played for hours. We had to re-introduce them everytime they hung out though to make sure Kenzee didnt hurt the smaller dog.

She has always been around cats so she has absolutely no problem with cats.  Its almost like she doesn’t even notice them. 

Leaving your Pit alone in the yard when she may encounter other dogs without supervision isn’t a smart move.  In my opinion without a 100% my dog cannot get out and other dogs cannot get in, your pit should not be left alone.  That is something that should just be understood when you choose to own the breed.  A pit bull will never ever be a golden retriever its just the way it is.  Most owners can also curb these situations by spending more time with their pitbulls.  Pits can develop all sorts of personality disorders if they don’t have very engaged owners.