My pit actually has a

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My pit actually has a pleasant smell to her. I bathe her once a month, as bathing too much can cause the dog to overproduce oil or the opposite…dry out the skin! I clean her ears every week, and brush her teeth everyday. Pits do not have a distinct odor only to their breed. It is all about management of their health and body condition.

Many dog foods out on the market are of low quality and will actually cause a dog to release an all over smell due to the bad chemicals and products in the food. I am not talking about gas, but an actual body odor. Cheap dog food like you buy in a grocery store will cause more harm than good to your dog, and not to mention a stench! You need to feed a high quality dog food. What you feed your dog is so important to their well-being. If you pollute their system, they will smell like garbage.

The smell you are smelling could be from anywhere. It could be her ears, it could be from her mouth that just seems to engulf her, or it could be from her rear. Dogs may lick their urogenital region, but sometimes they need a good wiping a couple times a week with a baby wet wipe.

Most anal gland issues result in an odor and a secretion from the anus. Sadly, there are some dogs that need to have the glands surgically removed because they become infected. Other dogs have to have their anal glands expressed once a week! We have several dogs that have to come into my clinic once, sometimes twice a week, to have their anal glands expressed. It is a smell that you won’t forget, and I can’t even give a similar smell to compare it to.

Soem dogs that have a fungal skin infection also emit an odor. If you feel that the odor isn’t a normal dog odor, then it would be best to have your vet check her out to make sure it isn’t anything serious.