My new adopted pit bull has


My new adopted pit bull has the same problem – pink spots on her belly and ‘nether-regions’ that get dry and flaky after a few days, funny smell like cat spray that won’t go away.  The smell seems to come mainly from around the back of her neck, but I don’t think it’s her collar.  She also has the pink spots all over her back and a few on her chest, but these are harder to see because the fur is thicker – she also scratches them so they bleed.  Poor girl is so itchy all the time! Her paws are also inflamed and bleed sometimes (but I think that’s more of an ongoing problem – the itchy spots are somewhat new).

I think it’s either:

Her new food, which is Taste of the Wild ‘Pacific Stream’ (the salmon one) – she has allergies and doesn’t eat anything else at all

Her shampoo, with which I bathe her twice a week: Vet’s Best Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo

Her blanket, which I washed for the first time last week with regular Arm & Hammer detergent

(The food switch and the blanket wash happened at about the same time, incidentally when I first noticed more bumps.)

Kaylamike5, what kind of food are you giving your pit bull?  I’m going to keep Blueberry on her Pacific Stream for a while and see if things improve, but if they don’t, I think I’m going to have to start cooking her food from scratch.

In the meanwhile, if your dog is itchy get some cortisone cream and some Benadryl caplets.  That doesn’t take care of the problem, but at least he’ll feel better while you figure it out.