my method might work on a

my pup millie

my method might work on a case by case basis, but it worked with both my austrailian shepard mix (precious) when she was a puppy several years ago and now my currently 5 month old apbt/mastiff mix (millie). some people suggested the peanut butter on the finger type method and it didnt work. so i tried my method which was essential their biting caused me discomfort, i caused them discomfort. when my dogs bit me as puppies i would thumb them like a fish, not hard just enough to cause discomfort. i wouldnt recommend this with a full grown dog at all. but it works with puppies. after a couple days of thumbing them they would refuse to bite me because it caused them so much discomfort. because of this mille hasnt tried to bite me in any way since she was 3 months old. she will nibble but never hard and never for long, feels like grooming for fleas but a lot softer. and precious being 6 years old almost 7 will only lick and not even that often. but i consider the method effective in both cases.