My male pit had really bad

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My male pit had really bad gas. I mean it would run you out of the house it smelled so bad. He also had diahrria or very soft stools. When I got him from the Humane Society they were feeding him six cups of food aday and he wouldn’t gain weight. They blamed it on him circling his pen but once i got him to the vet she said to change is food to a sensitive stomach food for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and see if that didn’t help. I did and he started gaining weight and the gas almost is completely gone. So he has IBS and even Milkbone treats will upset his stomach. The Vet told me that some signs of IBS are more of a red tint to their skin, weightloss or unable to gain weight, and diahrria or loose stools. He fit the profile and now has gained about 15lbs and hes at his perfect weight. I feed him IAMS Lamb and Rice in the Red bag.