My husband’s uncle commented


My husband’s uncle commented on a photo album we had made up on another web page, and basically told us to not have a child during the duration of our dog’s life–that “losing a child will hollow a person out; you’ll never be able to forgive yourself.” After that, my husband and I searched for various websites concerning the pit bull breed–and sent them all to him. And the only reply we received was “hmm, so you used a website (, or something like that; had the word ‘pitbull’ in it) that has the word ‘pitbull’ in it; think they’re a little biased.” It was ridiculous–and then he added “if I wanted to info about music, I’d go to http://www.choralsociety (or something similar), DUH.” Ah, I love ignorant people! GOSH

But thank you for your comment. I believe my husband and I are doing all the right things in bringing our pit up. He is being socialized, exercised, has gone through basic obedience classes, and as soon as another opportunity arises, we will enroll him in advanced classes. 🙂