My girlfriend and I have been


My girlfriend and I have been nursing a pit/shepherd puppy back to health and in the short time that we have had her she has been great.  A friend of ours saved Bella at 4 weeks and we’ve had her for 3 weeks now.  Her mother died and the owner of the puppies didnt want them (3 had already died becasue of poor nutrition) we’ve taken her to the vet and regularly feed her almost every 2-3 hours with puppy formula and soggy puppy food and she is such a SMART puppy.  At 7 weeks she knows her name, knows to paw at the sliding door when she needs to go, and can sit on command.  She is a little lover and I assume has replaced us with her mom becasue she will only go to sleep if she’s being cuddled haha.  Bella is very energetic for a puppy and never really wines (only if she wakes up in her kennel and cant hear anyones voice).  She is great being passed around by people and has taken to our older dogs as if shes one of the pack.  She will be a GREAT dog when shes older!!!!