My daughter owned a pitbull

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My daughter owned a pitbull wasn’t full blooded pit but definately looked like a pit and the dog catcher here in town warned her to get rid of it cuz pits aren’t allowed, they took her pit put it to sleep I am so upset about this, she was the best dog ever, I had neighbor kids as young as 4 years old coming over and asking if my daughters dog could come out and play, the dog catcher even told my daughters boyfriend he knew the dog would never bite anyone, for them to come and take her and put her down there has to be something illegal about that, no tickets ever issued nothing, just plain harrassement, does anyone have any help for me?? She just had pups and they didn’t take the pups but they were too young but now they are doing wonderful, but give it time before they the dog catcher in town harasses us for them too oh and the brother to my daughters dog is 2 blocks away and he hasn’t harassed them at all…