My Cosmo is also a pit and


My Cosmo is also a pit and labrador mix. Just like you, when I took him in, I had no idea until I actually got him that he was a pit mix. I honestly was a little freaked out because I have 3 boys. But fear comes from being uneducated with the breed. My Cosmo is a wonderful dog. With this mix, you get the best of both worlds. My dog is protective of my kids, and always wants to be by their sides. He has the “nanny” factor which is common with the pitbull breed. Now the labrador part tends to chew and dig up everything! Although this affects them more when they are puppies LOL. The only advice I can give you is keep him social. My dog isnt very good with other dogs, but hes great with adults, especially children. Ive had him since he was 7 weeks and now he;s 1 1/2 years old. No matter where you go with him, they will never acknowledge the pit in him, he will forever be labeled as a lab mix. I find it such a shame that they feel the need to disown that part of my dogs heritage…but I unfortunately understand that society has soiled the name of a pitbull. If you have any questions, I’ll be glad to answer you 🙂