My community has many

i luv my pitbull

My community has many pitbulls, and they are rarely a problem. I make a point of seeking out and talking to the animal control officers in my community. I’ve discovered that one of the officers owns a pitbull, and has raised pitbulls for many years. The officer explained to me that pitbulls are among the least likely to display innate human agression. Yes, pitbulls are powerful dogs, and yes those that abuse them are attracted to that power. Pitbulls are also, by nature, people friendly, affectionate, and loyal. The problem is the people who choose to exploit this loyalty for their own ends. When was the last time you heard the name of the pitbull owner (Besides Vick) in a media story about a pitbull attack? If a name was mentioned, do you still remember that name? Dog fighting and other misuses of pitbulls is a crime in all 50 states, yet the dogs most often bear the burden of condemnation. What about the humans who commited this crime? Study after study has shown the direct link between animal abuse and violence against people. To me, this shows that those who abuse and misuse pitbulls are the problem. Problems with pitbulls, or any dog, begin with people prone to violence to begin with. I’m not denying that, like any animal, rare instances of out of character behavior do occasionaly occur. When this does occur, that indiviual animal, not the breed, needs to be dealt with for the protection of the public.