My advice would be to get her


My advice would be to get her to walk better on her own.  Find whatever works for her.  There are loads of products, many of which have been discussed on this thread.  We use a prong collar because I am also very small and Kaos weighs half of me! 🙂  However, there are gentle lead harnesses and head collars etc.  Choke collars work for some people, however, there have been stories of dogs breaking their tracheas because they pulled too hard and the collar got too tight.  If you choose to go with a choke collar, just be mindful of how hard your dog is pulling.  They do work very well for some people.  Whatever you choose, pair it with consistant training.  Once she is walking well on her own, take the out together, but with two people.  This way, if she starts misbehaving you can correct her without having to control your male also, and vice versa.  Your male needs to understand that he is to continue walking calmly, no matter what happens around him.  It will be great training for both of them!!!  After enough practice they will get into the routine of walking calmly, side by side and you can begind to walk them together.  The important thing is to be consistant and to get your female more disciplined on her own before you try handling both of them at the same time. Good luck! 🙂