Many of the dogs did get a

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Many of the dogs did get a second chance. It’s amazing how many dogs were saved. Out of 51 dogs only 1 was put down for agression issues. 2 died while in the shelter and one was put down because it was suffering from an abuse injury. That leaves 47 dogs saved. Some of them are even therapy dogs now. I recommend reading “The Lost Dogs – Micheal Vick’s Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption” By Jim Gorant. It has a lot of information on how they built the case against Michael Vick and where the dogs are now. The parts about what he did to the dogs are horrifying. He actually swung a dog over his head like a jump rope and bashed it against trees and the ground. I can’t imagine how anybody could do something like that. And the NFL actually let him back in. Now he gets his own show too?!