Love the **** out of her! no


Love the **** out of her! no seriously. they are very aware animals and they notice everything you do! just always smile when you see her and tell her what a good dog she is. and in this case when she does something wrong she will see you are unhappy, and she will want to fix that. APBT have more emotions than any other dog. treat her like she is your best friend and she will be happy to do any kind of trick or potty training you tell her.

..also and this is just what i did.. when i first got my puppy Doja i had her follow me everywhere. i established i was the boss and when i leave the room -she leaves the room. i had her sit with me when we watched tv or just sitting outside. 3 years later we have over 20 acres and she never leaves out of calling distance. she knows she belongs right next to me! and i love it! she is not aggressive in the least when people come near me its natural for her to be my other half.

just have fun with your pup! enjoy your time together! good luck :]