Louie doesn’t really need


Louie doesn’t really need training as much as socialization with other dogs. He knows that im alpha and listens to me wonderfully. I can have him off leash with other dogs roaming around and he will sit and stay right by me and not move a mussel. It’s not until another dog comes up to him and gets in his face, that he will start a fight. He is 100% trained and gets along GREAT with my moms toy poodle max and grew up with a border collie that was literally his best friend and they NEVER even growled at one another. Even if he sees another dog out the window, he will just sit there and growl until I tell him to stop. I don’t think it is a dominance issue either, because he will fight female dogs as well as male dogs, and size doesn’t matter to him, little or big. I believe he has dog on dog aggression but cant find a trainer in my area that’s decently priced that will take on a dog aggressive APBT. I’m just worried that if I get another pit-bull, that will mean 2 APBT mentalities and that will equal trouble.