Lol.  You’re welcome!  I used

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Lol.  You’re welcome!  I used to LOVE puppies.  I’ve now had enough of the potty training, the biting, the chewing etc. to last a life time!!  I happily adopted my parents geizer, rather than do the puppy training again, although, I may still end up cleaning up accidents as she is 14 (if my grandmother-in-law is any example, the dog will forget where she’s supposed to go to the bathroom 😀 )  My advice, don’t let your pup get away with anything you won’t like when he or she is 60 or 70 lbs.  Be consistant and use common sense and you’ll be okay.  Just be aware that this breed, while fantastic, is VERY stuborn.  Stick to your guns and don’t let things slide now, otherwise your pup will take the bit and run with it.