LOL with her plush toy she


LOL with her plush toy she does the same head shaking thing. The depression you mentioned did worry me. When a dog plays you can see that they are happy. Since she sleeps so very much I was worried that she might be depressed from being in puppy jail yep that was my post =) it also made me think that whoever owned her before didn’t play with her at all. She knows all about the couch but play not so much. I did get her to chase me around the house to get her plush toy which is funny to watch because I have terrazzo floors and she just slips and slides everywhere. She is starting to get more of a personality and I think it has to do with taking her on her beloved walks. Well that and the fact that I pile all kinds of love on her. She doesn’t sleep in the bed with me, although she wants to. Someone before must have taught her to sleep at the corner end of the bed rather than getting on it. She did that from the first night. Ever so often she tries to get on the bed but I tell her no and she lays in her spot in a huff! LOL I bought her the nicest fluffiest bed with microfiber cover… she wont sleep in it. Instead she prefers the expensive blankets from my bed that have fallen to the floor… really need to pick those up!! LOL She is a great couch buddy though and loves to waller all over me until she finds her spot… then gets aggravated with me when I have to get up to do something! LOL She is my Velcro dog! She loves the sun as well. i wsh i had a bigger yard for her to enjoy. My atrium is good for her though since it is a large enclosed space i dont have to worry about her when we are out there.