Lol.  Well, welcome aboard!! 

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Lol.  Well, welcome aboard!!  We’re glad to have you.  My parents don’t like them much either.  My grandparents are HILLARIOUS though.  My grandmother used to be TERRIFIED of Kaos, she tried soooo hard to be brave.  Now when she comes over for dinner she uses him as a foot rest and feeds him table scraps (which is illegal in my house because he is absolutely NOT allowed to beg!!!)  Hang in there, someday you’ll get you a pit.  Just make sure you are settled enough to give one a forever home before you get one.  They are one of the most commonly rescued and one of the least often rehomed breeds, which means they are the ones sentenced to death row.  We didn’t get ours till we bought our own home and knew we could care for him properly.