Lol.  Welcome to the


Lol.  Welcome to the wonderful world of Pit Love! 🙂 I’m so glad that you gave your girl a chance.  They really are the most mis-represented breed out there.  You develop a thick skin dealing with agressive people.  Each situation is unique.  I think you were absolutely right to point out to her that she was the one with a dog that shouldn’t be allowed into public places!!!  It can be disheartining at times, dealing with all the negativity, but I would put up with ten crotchety old women with nasty little dogs to see one person discover how much a pit has to offer!  It is very nice to have a place to talk dogs without first having to convince the person you’re talking to that, no, you’re not insane, yes, you know it’s a pit, no, he’s not dangerous and yes, I know he doesn’t seem all that bad!  Usually I just tell people, yes, it does take a special breed of person to own a pit (wink, wink.)  Congratulations on your induction into the elite group of people known as “Those Crazy Pitbull Owners!”