Lol.  We tried to get Kaos to

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Lol.  We tried to get Kaos to play with a ball.  Apparently, he doesn’t have ANY retriever blood in him, because he just looked at us like, “K, you threw it, now you can go get it!”    Also, sometimes he’ll have a rawhide or dental bone gone on the way home from Petco, other times, he just gently moves it out of his way.  Of all the toys we’ve gotten for him, his alltime favorite has to be his old leash.  It’s torn to shreds, but he grabs one end and shakes his head and swings it around, the clasp has cracked him, me, the kids and my husband several times, but if it whacks him on the head, he just blinks and swings it harder.  If I remember right you’re the one that rescued her not that long ago and posted, “She’s just not that into it?”  Shelters have funny effects on dogs, it creates depression, just like in us.  A lot of dogs get a little stir crazy.  I would say that she’s probably just enjoying the peace and quiet and absorbing her new environment.  Who knows, maybe being in puppy jail made her feel the need to cleans?! 😉 However, a lot of pits are great couch potatoes!  Kaos will sneek up on our bed at night if he gets cold and he’ll stay there till about 1:30 in the afternoon, then he’ll stretch, come downstairs, and flop down on the lawn in the sunshine.  If it’s cold out he’ll curl up on the floor in the sunshine coming through the sliding glass door.  He loves to go out and run and if he’s in a mood, he’s OBNOXIOUS till he gets to go out and play, but they make great snuggle bugs, especially if you like full body pillows.  Just be careful if you sleep with a partner.  I wake up because I’m freezing and my husband and dog have all the blankets and my hubby’s snuggled up, drooling on the dog!