Lol.  That’s so funny!  Kaos

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Lol.  That’s so funny!  Kaos does the EXACT same thing.  He doesn’t even bark, its this obnoxious high pitched whining meowling thing.  We finally took to sticking toys in his collar and he jumps around like a dork and throws himself on the floor rolling all over the place trying to get to it.  We’ve also used kongball type toys with peanut butter.  They work great becuase it’s mentally stimulating and there is the peanut butter incentive.  We have also started a new tactic.  We have had Kaos kennel trained since he was a puppy.  When he starts barking we give him the “kennel up” command and he will sulk to his kennel till he is told to come back out.  My theory is that, in the wild, when pack or herd animals are in trouble, the leader will send them away from the group as a punishment.  It took a little while for Kaos to understand that he was being sent away for the barking, but it has worked pretty well.  If you don’t have a kennel you could train him to go to a certain spot on command, kind of like time out with kids. We use this same command if he doesn’t mind his manners around company.  I have seen dog training shows where the owner will have the dog on a leash and take them out of the room if they jump up on the guest, but I like this method because it does not require me to leave the room with the dog, he is just sent to time out until he can behave.  The best way to do it is to train the dog in the command using treats and lots of praise so that they are very solid in their reaction to the command BEFORE you try to apply it with a playful or excited dog!