Lol.  I would make it as


Lol.  I would make it as positive as I could!! LOTS of praise and treats.  Give them time to explore and gain confidence.  You can work on focus excercises to get them to focus on you rather than their surroundings.  Also, finding a place for them to play and be rambunctious puppy explorers is great!  It’s all about building confidence and getting them out there and exposing them to as many different positive situations as possible.  If they have confidence in themselves and in you they will be happy, outgoing dogs.  Just remember to give them their time becuase, just like with kids, the world outside the front yard is scary, and make all reinforcement positive to help them enjoy the outings.  As far as collars and leads go, it’s whatever your dogs work best with as long as they aren’t pullers.  The choke collar isn’t my favorite.  But, if they are comfortable with the choke and work well with it, there is no reason to add more unfamilliar things to a new situation.