LOL I know what you mean

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LOL I know what you mean about the scream. Beastley does it too. We even had the sheriff’s show up at our house because someone thought we were abusing our dogs and they were screaming in pain. Of course this wasn’t true, pits are known to scream and he was playing with is almost industructable ball and rope. We had to show the sheriff’s so they could see what was happening. They laughed and left.
I agree with Zr setting up play dates with similar dogs may help. Is your dog muzzled? If not try that until the other dogs get used to him. When he is abrasive, make a loud noise (sounding painful) then remove him from play time for a few minutes. Pits learn fast and it may take a few times but be consistant and he will learn if he is rough he loses playtime. Good Luck.