Lois, I am the only person


Lois, I am the only person speaking here that has a voice of reason.  The other person is clearly delusional, living in some fantasy world.  In the real world, our beloved breed is about to be eliminated by force because of a few bad dogs.  Tens of thousands of very innocent Pits have been and are being euthanized because of a handful of bad dogs.  Now talk to the owners of these dogs that have tore children to pieces and they all spew the same tired story; “the dog just snapped, I don’t know what got him to him, he’s never done anything like this before…”  The real facts are generally much, much different than what the owner will admit to.  Your dog is a dangerous dog, and it appears the court system agrees.  So far you have been lucky, the JW had the angels on her side and the animal control officer had professional training that saved him; next time you may not be so lucky.  How far does a dog have to go before the danger is realized?  I recognize that it is not an easy decision to make and feel for you. I pray that you have strength.