Lmao!!!! I’ve never heard

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Lmao!!!! I’ve never heard that!!!!! You just made my night.  After Mr. logicthinking01, in the “Are Pitbulls Dangerous,” forum, I was beginning to think stupidity was contagious!!!  Thanks for the smiles.  BTW, the three of us are hopeless.  🙂  We all posted replies to that thread, just like all three of us posted replies to the “IQ and Income of Pitbull Owners” thread.  I just think it’s sad that we can’t win for loosing.  These people come on our web site, trying to pick a fight, not to be educated.  If we say nothing, it’s taken as not having any good defense.  If we present our facts, we’re called misguided and ignorant.  If we jump on the person (who only wanted a fight in the first place,) we are called emotional irrationals.  The worst part is, I have the feeling that it wouldn’t matter how many forums, or totally different web sites we created to share the heartaches and joys of owning the worlds’ most lovingly stubborn breed, THEY WOULD FOLLOW US!!!!!  How’s that for being agressive?!