Koopa weighed about 50-60 lbs

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Koopa weighed about 50-60 lbs at 8 months. He just turned a year old today and weighs 65-70 lbs. He is 22 inches tall, has a 21 inch head and a 20 inch neck. We had a male red nose named Bowser that weighed 55-60 at 9 months old and was 20 inches tall, had a 19-20 inch head. We also had a female named Akasha that weighed about 40-45 lbs at 7-9 months old, she was a foster/rescue so not 100% sure on what her age was. With the different bloodlines and strains of pit bulls their weigh and size can vary quite a bit. ABPT’s are usually 18-22 inches tall and weigh between 22-110 pounds depending on the bloodlines. Am. Staffs. are usually 16-19 inches tall and weight between 57-67 pounds. Am. Bullies are usually 17-21 inches tall and has no particular weight range that I could find.