Keep treats in your pockets

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Keep treats in your pockets and let him know you have them…start out by putting the treat directly at your side(arm straightened to your side with treat in hand)…show it to him and get his attention, while he’s licking your hand to try and get the treat take a few steps and give it him while he’s still at your side..say heel or whatever command you want to use before you decide to actually give him the treat and say good boy and he’ll start associated the command with food or praise..once you get past that and he is still pulling then stop everytime he pulls and make him sit or turn around and go the other direction everytime. I did my other one by when she pulled I’d yank her leash a tiny bit and say “uh uh” in a low voice and stop(she isn’t food motivated) until she sat or looked back at me and slowed down. Now I have one who stays completely by my side and the other that leads but everytome she goes a little faster then I am and she feels the leash tighten without me even doing it she turns back to me and looks and keeps walking without it pulling. All dogs are different with training methods that works for them..just takes trial and error with each..and some are by far more frustrating then others