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Keep socializing your PIT as much as you can! Most dogs are great at 11 weeks of age, as they are young and incredibly impressionable. But…if the pup is not properly socialized in all kinds of environments, obedience trained, and so much more, then it is those pits that will make the news as they grow up. But, this can happen to any dog. It is the pit bull that is in the news now and we need to be diligent at how we raise our dogs.

Most pits that you get are not full. More than likely it is a mix of some sort. Most pits seem to be mixed with labs, but no one really knows for sure unless you saw the breeding between the parents occur. You cannot just look at a dog and know what breeds are in it. DNA testing is the only way, and even that isn’t reliable.

Regardless, you have a dog that resemebles a pit, and to many people due to the media, it is still a dangerous dog. Even if the dog has “papers”, it probably isn’t a full pit bull. You will know a full pit bull if you got it from a reputable breeder who is looking to further the breed standards, has done the proper health testing on both the parents and all the pups (CERF, OFA testing, etc), and so much more. Most pit breeders are just backyard breeders looking to make a quick buck or a mating that occured because someone wasn’t smart enough to spay or neuter their dog.

You need to create a breed ambassador to help all of us fight off the breed myths surrounding pit bulls and their bully cousins. Socialize, train, socialize, and train. Those are so important for a well-behaved dog as an adult (and for ANY breed). Socilization and training shoudl occur throughout the dogs entire life. You need to do so much more than just walk the dog, feed it and water it. Because of the bias against pits, we as pit owners need to be on top of EVREYTHING that our dog does as to not add to the statistics!

Keep up the good work and fight the bias!