just my thoughts on this; a


just my thoughts on this;

a stinky dog can be caused by over oily skin. this can be a result of your dogs skin trying to treat itself…allergies can cause itchy, dry, or red spots (or all of the above), which will cause your dog’s skin to produce more oil. this is left behind pretty much on whayever the dog touches…including your hand when u pet it. if u r bathing your dog often to try and combat the smell, your dogs skin will also crank up oil production. this can lead to a catch-22 situation.

when u bathe your dog, instead of using dog shampoo (u should NEVER use people shampoo…this will also cause the skin to be dry, itchy, and produce more oil), try using doggie conditioner, with collodial oatmeal, if possible. wet dog well in cool water (warm water can also b drying), massage conditioner well into coat and skin, let sit for a few minutes, then rinse in cool water. do this weekly, and c if the smell subsides.

i doubt if the smell has anything to do with parvo…i believe, instead, it is related to doggie allergies and too much oil production by the skin.

u can also give childrens liquid benedryl if your dog is scrathing excessively. contact your vet for correct amount based upon your dogs weight.

let me know if this helps any.