@ jsscdwny – Does Lady still


@ jsscdwny – Does Lady still pull?

I think I taught my girl Grace a bit backwards. I taught her to stop at all corners when I stop, and this then translated into when I stop for anything, she stops. Great, right?! Well now when we walk, she pulls and I stop, and she sits. Rinse, repeat, 70 million times. She doesn’t mind how often we stop, lol. And that look, the one that says, “What are ya waitin’ for?” yeah, every time and it’s even accompanied with a little huff sometimes. 

She’s not a yank-your-arm-out-of-socket kind of puller but there is always tension on the leash, and if she smells something interesting it’s just enough of a jerk to pull you off balance. She ALWAYS has her nose to the ground, enough for me to think she is part hound dog too!  The turn-and-walk the other direction isn’t working real well because of this. Her nose is to the ground so it doesn’t matter what direction she goes in.

I’m wondering if the stop/start will eventually work after she gets over being bullheaded about this?

One last thing, I use a sharp “DAT!” (think Mars Attacks aliens) when she pulls too hard and she immediately lets up a little, so she has the connection with pulling on the lead. However, I don’t think she really cares because she goes right back at it again. If people heard me I’m sure they’d think I’m insane, because my dialogue is “Good girl! Good Grace, DAT! Good G- DAT! Goood girl, DAT! Way to go Grace good girl, DAT, DAT!” for a 3-4 mile walk…and that’s in between stopping and starting.