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It sounds like you have found a great dog. It is a mix of two very powerful breeds so working him and training is a huge key to controling him. My male pit Ace is from my local humane society. On the 31st of the this month I will have had him for a year. He is 2 now but when I adopted him we had to take our dogs we had already to the shelter to meet him there and see how it went. Everything went really well and he was quite calm until…..he came home lol. He was crazy…he ran and ran and jumped and we just laughed but wow he was completely different when we got him home. So be prepared for that when you bring him home and keep in mind he will be with you for up to 15years of age maybe less cause he is mixed with a x-large breed but it is a long commitment. Mastiffs are somewhat laid back but the pit is crazy so I’m sure he is a good mix to calm the pit side down lol. I don’t know where you live but if the shelter hasn’t mentioned anything to you about the law and owning a pit or pit mix then you might be ok. Where I live you have to have $100,000 in liability insurance on your home owners insurance if you own a pit and then they have to be mussled when walked in public and on steel chains when walked blah blah blah… So they get expensive to own in states and cities that require these dumb things. Also someone mentioned taking him to a dog park to exercise him. Before anyone jumps on here and lectures about dog parks and pits know it is your dog and your decision to do what you want. I take mine to the dog park so to each there own. My advice in going to the dog park is go first by yourself and see what the environment is like. If it’s really busy then watch the owners and their dogs. Watch the dogs and see the way they play and act with other dogs. Then if you think it looks ok try it out and try it first when it’s not busy so it isn’t to overwhelming for him.
I read you were going to put him through CGC 🙂 AWSOME!!! My Kira is CGC certified and an awsome dog. Not to brag on my own child but I get complements on her everywhere she goes lol.

If you have any questions feel free to email me I would be glad to assit.