Jessica, I was in the same

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I was in the same position. My Mom is convinced that I’ll be killed one night (Vanilla sleeps with us… and she doesn’t bother our cats).

We went to see my In Laws last night and the rules were that Vanilla stay on a leash and they would NOT sit near her.
By the end of the night, my Mother in Law was sitting on the couch cuddling her.

The breed does have a bad rep but they really are just like any other dog. They need training and exercise. If you have a fenced in yard where you can supervise him or access to a local dog park, you’re good to go.

Perhaps the shelter would let you foster him for a while. It’s kinda like adoption “lite”. The dog still belongs to the shelter but you keep it at your home.

Do a lot of research to make sure this is the right dog for you… just like you’d want to do with any other breed.

Good luck!