I’ve had his paws checked for

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I’ve had his paws checked for infections a few times, usually about once a year.  We’ve been lucky.  He also never has any bumps or anything anywhere else.  With him, it’s just the paw chewing/licking and the ear infections.  Since my vet suggested it may be a behavioral thing, we tried bitter apple spray on his paws but that definitely did not work, he just braved through the awful taste and kept on chewing.  We’ve tried telling him “no” whenever we see him chewing.  I’ve tried grain-free food and he still chews them.  Like I said, he’s lived in California, Vegas, and Chicago and he chews his paws throughout every single season in every state.  It’s like a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing and I can’t find them =(  And yea, I just do not have the money to spend on hundreds of tests or special foods that are subpar anyway.