I’ve got a 6 or 7 foot wooden

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I’ve got a 6 or 7 foot wooden fence with a gate w/lock on it. In addition, I have an invisble fence that runs the perimeter of my property. I’m not worried about them getting out because if they do, they’ll probably end up in another yard since all the yards around me share part of my fence in someway.
I’m mostly concerned about the two of them togehter. They do play a little rough but not in a vicious way. They don’t have territorial issues or anything like that as long as there are plenty of toys for both of them, multiple food/water bowls for them, etc…

Do I take a chance on them? I just feel guilty for leaving either one of them crated for long periods. I can’t come home for lunch and I work 30+ minutes from home. I don’t want to burden my neighbors either by asking them to rotate them in and out of the yard.